A Division of Sprocket Network

What We Do

Net Zero Communities

We are currently heading up the R&D of our first Net Zero Community based on Modular, Minimalist, Low Cost, Net Zero Housing. Our first community will be in support of our Veterans in-need.

Green Tech for Companies

From converting existing low efficiency energy systems, to entire energy production and storage systems for companies. It's not just about saving money. It's about doing the right thing.

Green Tech Funding

Sprocket Network is proud to announce www.Sprocket.fund, a Green-Tech Funding portal backed by the Commonwealth Capital Income Fund I. Driving the Future of Green Tech!

Electric Vehicle Conversions

As part of our collective network (Sprocket Network), we are driving efforts to the mass conversion of petrol vehicles to electric, for consumers, companies and municipal fleets.

Green Tech for Towns

Towns across the US join together on our Urban Refit platform to challenge each other on Going Green, leading by example with our Community Intranets platform for Green Projects.

Non Profit Support

Helping Non-Profits Go Green, Raise Awareness and Raise Money too! Our Non-Profit initiatives help Non-Profits thrive via marketing, funding and awareness platforms and initiatives.

The Future Today

As the CEO of a 20 year old VC Firm supporting Green Tech ventures, I am excited to see the future today with Sprocket Network and Net Zero Communities.
"We are proud to supply the platforms and resources that support Communities, Non-Profits, Municipal and Corporate level Green Tech and Clean Energy projects.